Let’s begin by taking a closer look at reasons to give up drinking and become a teetotaler:

1. Alcohol does not make you feel very good about yourself. Alcohol is a depressant and so it can often make you feel sad and depressed. Have you ever woken up and hated yourself because you can’t stop drinking? Or ever had a blazing argument with a loved one – directly caused by alcohol?
2. Alcohol does not make you feel healthy. After the initial kick from that first sip of alcohol, alcohol can make you feel unwell. Alcohol is a poison after all.
3. Alcohol can cause embarrassing situations. How many embarrassing things, that you can remember, have happened to you when you were in a drunken stupor?
4. Alcohol piles on the weight. No doubt about it, alcohol robs your body of essential nutrients and piles on lots of calories too.
5. Alcohol is costly. Have you ever sat down and worked out how much you spend on alcohol per week, per month or per year? And don’t forget to include the cab costs you needed because you couldn’t drive. When I calculated the cost, I spent over $2000 a year just on alcohol. But have you ever also worked out how many hours of life you lost over a week, month and year because you had blacked out, slep’t badly and felt so bad the next day you could not function properly?

So with all the reasons above just why do we drink? There are many reasons and apart from alcohol’s addictive properties, often it’s because we perceive we cannot have a good time without it. I know I used to think that, but realized what a sad reflection of my life and of me that was. Another reason might be that it gives you a false sense of confidence and makes you do or say things that you otherwise wouldn’t dare. Or alcohol is often used to help a person unwind. And if you can unwind with just one glass of alcohol, then that might be fine for you. However for me having one drink was harder than having no drinks. I could never stop at just one drink. If you can examine the reasons that you drink, you can begin the journey of discovering other ways to make you feel happy, relaxed and confident. Alcohol Hypnosis products helped me with that.

Peer pressure can also make it difficult to give up drinking. Drinking alcohol is such an accepted part of western culture that often it is your best friends who will try to encourage you to keep drinking – you not drinking makes them feel uncomfortable. Or you might worry that your friends will find you boring if you don’t drink. When people ask you why you don’t drink, tell them that you are alcohol intolerant – that it makes you really ill – I found that people seem to be more accepting of that. Definitely do not say that you don’t need alcohol to have a good time as it will make them feel bad. After a while they’ll get used to it – just be prepared to be the designated car driver.

If you decide to give up alcohol, I hope as I have, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can enjoy life without alcohol. It’s a great feeling to enjoy real belly laughs without any alcohol inducement and it’s a great feeling to go to bed sober, have a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling fresh, clear headed and hangover free.

Let me leave you with one final thought: If you hadn’t been a drinker, would your life be any different now?

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