Can you control your drinking and drink less with herbs and vitamins? You can with Moderate Drinking – Naturally! It’s the first and only book that shows you how to reduce alcohol craving and
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consumption and reverse problem drinking with Chinese, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Western herbs and nutritional supplements.
Ancient alternative medical systems have treated alcohol abuse for centuries so it only make sense they may hold the answers to why people overdrink and how to conquer the problem. You’ll learn why you drink too much and which herbs and vitamins will turn your drinking and your life around so it is no longer a concern.

You’ll not only beat craving and bingeing with Moderate Drinking – Naturally!, you’ll love this book because it offers a holistic, harmonious approach to you, your drinking and your life – nurturing your physical, psychological and spiritual health as well. When you lead a balanced, wholesome lifestyle, you have no desire to drink alcohol!

Moderate Drinking – Naturally! is a breakthrough for drinkers, alcohol abuse and healthcare professionals worldwide!

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