The lifestyles of celebrities often involves lots of partying. And when they party, boy do they party with lots of alcohol, drugs and all the trimmings. And sadly you see and hear of many really talented superstars who end up paying the price with serious alcohol or drug addiction problems. You’ve probably seen the photo’s of stars like Lindsay Lohan, Robert Downey Jr, Britney Spears, Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss looking their less than their best from alcohol and drug addictions. While the lure of alcohol and drugs may be more accessible for the rich and famous, there are celebrities who refrain from drinking alcohol and who can be classified as “teetotalers.” There are actually quite a few celebrities who stay away from alcohol completely: stars like Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, and David Bowie for example. Jay Leno once told CNN that he doesn’t drink alcohol and that he has never smoked a joint or a cigarette in his life. The infamous Bruce Lee apparently never drank any alcohol or did any kind of drugs ever. Apparently celebrities can make good decisions sometimes! Other famous people who have been abstinent their entire lives, or who simply quit after a prolonged addiction to alcohol are as follows: Muhammad Ali, World Heavy Weight Champion, Akon, rapper, Tyra Banks, American supermodel, Naomi Campbell, British model, Jim Carrey, Canadian actor, Eric Clapton, English musician, Tom Cruise, American actor, Brett Favre, NFL quarterback, Steven King, American author, Jennifer Lopez, American singer/actress, Christina Ricci, American actress, and Prince, American musician.

Reply to this blog post if you know of celebrities who have not had a drink for the last 5 years and we’ll create a new list here.

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