LiverCare (Liv.52) was introduced in 1955 as a specially formulated proprietary herbal formula for healthy liver support. LiverCare has been sold worldwide and widely recognized by thousands of health professionals as one of the most effective liver support formulas proven with 182 clinical studies.

LiverCare assists normally functioning liver cells; it has antioxidant properties that support liver cell integrity and is a formula which assists in preserving existing liver strength when dealing with occasional overwhelming challenges. Keep in mind, the liver is the largest internal organ and it is important the liver is functioning on a normal level when performing more then 500 different functions.

Read this Review from Amazon:
I have been a wine lover for many years. I can drink quite a bit more than you average guy. It is not out of the question to drink 8-10 glasses of wine in a day. I always drink at night after work and never had any negative effects on the job as I can function fine the next day. The problem came a year ago when in a routine physical my doc did blood tests and my liver function tests showed VERY elevated levels…like over 3-4 times what they should be. I didn’t pay heed much but did taper my drinking for awhile.

Time went by, I put it out of my mind and when I really did try to control my number of drinks I again went to a doctor to explore my options. I took another liver function test and they were all sky high. He asked me to reduce my drinking and return in 2 1/2 weeks to repeat the tests. I immediately researched fatty liver and started to find that this product had a lot of buzz on the internet. I ordered it priority overnight shipping and I also went to Trader Joe’s and bought Milk Thistle. I took the recommended dose for the next 2 1/2 weeks and returned to get my blood tested again. My liver enzymes were all down significantly in just 2 weeks! To make it more amazing I did reduce my drinking some but was still drinking 4-6 a day. When my doctors and the nurses told me that this was something they have never seen in patients that fast when they stopped drinking. They said “I don’t know what you are doing, but keep doing it!” That was enough for me. I continued to take these as well as 1000 mg of milk thistle a day since and I can not believe how much better I feel. I still struggle to moderate drinking but this product clearly made me feel better by helping my liver detoxify my system. I definitely recommend this for any reason you have to think your liver function is compromised from medications or other toxins we all put in our bodies!

Click here to read further or purchase and be sure to check back with your own review once you have tried it… LiverCare 180 caps

Alcohol Class

Ideal for Court, Legal, Employment or Personal Health

Could an alcohol awareness class or drug awareness course save a life? There is a direct correlation between preventative knowledge enhancement and decreased alcohol and drug use. Education is almost always the pathway to change when it comes to learning. The more learned we are, the better decisions we can make.

Alcohol is the number one drug problem in America with over 12 million alcoholics. There is a death related to alcohol use in America every 30 minutes! Here are some other facts related to alcohol: 73% of all felonies, 73% of all child abuse cases, 41% of rape cases, 81% of wife battering, 72% of violent crimes, and 83% of homicides. It is truly shocking.

Teaching the consequences to both adults and teenagers better understand the risks associated with alcohol and drug abuse. The more educated we become, the less likely these statistics will continue to go up. Fortunately, with the invention of technology, many of these preventative educational classes can be taken online. For adults there are alcohol awareness classes online and for younger persons there are minor in possession classes. These classes are designed for court ordered or other legal requirements or simply for self improvement. Don’t let a lack of understanding get in the way of making good choices.AJ Novick Group’s Alcohol/Drug Awareness Class and Minor in Possession (MIP & MIC) Classes online are the nations original and most trusted online Alcohol Awareness Class and MIP education program. Finding or attending a live class can often be difficult. Classes are available 24/7, are self-paced, 100% online, and come with a Certificate of Completion at no additional cost!

Review or Register for Online Alcohol Awareness Class here

Since 2006, they have been an industry leader for online education. Their courses are available in all 50 states, Canada and abroad. and they offer the most reliable, accepted, trusted and convenient online courses available on the Internet.

8 and 16 Hour Drug/Alcohol Awareness and MIP Classes (Level 1, 2 and 3)
Their online Drug/Alcohol Awareness and Education Classes are educational programs for those that are required to take a course for a court or legal requirement, employment or health reasons, or simply to gain more skills in better understanding drug/alcohol use, abuse, dependency and recovery.

Their Minor in Possession programs are designed for anyone under 21 years old who was found in possession of alcohol or drugs and needs to take a MIP or MIC program. Reasons would include: minor in possession of alcohol, minor consumption of alcohol or possession of drugs or paraphernalia.
Their online drug/alcohol classes were developed by Dr. Ari Novick, Ph.D. and other licensed clinicians and experts in the field of drug and alcohol addiction. These online classes are more than just convenient; they are an affordable, relevant and effective way to meet your requirement without having to lose time away from work, home, school or other life commitments.

Testimonials for this online course:

“I just wanted to say once again that I learned a lot from this course. It was interesting to read the material and I ended up finishing the class in one day! Your customer service was fantastic and the course met my court requirement. Thank you so much.”
Alanna O. — St. Augustine, FL

“ provided an excellent course. The course was spot on and very helpful. Thank you so much!”
Logan H. — Huntersville, NC

“Thanks for the awesome help and eye opening experience!! I learned a great deal and received my certificate of completion for my alcohol awareness class in less than 24 hours!”
Jonathan W. — Washington, IL

“The course was full of a lot of useful and important information that I will carry with me hopefully forever! I appreciate the quick responses to all my questions. Excellent Minor in Possession program online! Thank-you”
Richard Y. — Thunder Bay, ON

“It was a really a great learning experience . Thank you for the ease of this course. I will recommend this link to any one who needs it! It was really easy, and all you have to do is read the passage and answer the questions. Excellent learning experience and provided compliance with my court ordered alcohol awareness class.”
John E. — Huntersville, NC

Review or Register for Online Alcohol Awareness Class here

A Ten Step Guide to Rescuing Your Marriage to an Alcoholic Spouse by Sarita Uhr, M.D.

For Every Woman and Man Married to An Alcoholic Spouse:

Find Out How To Save Your Marriage And Start A Better, Happier Life. This 10-step guide will help you save your marriage—even if you’ve never had a minute of therapy or any understanding of addiction whatsoever. This short, easy-to-read system is based on on Dr Uhr’s 21 years of experience as a Stanford-trained psychiatrist treating spouses just like you. You CAN turn your life around.

Dr Uhr has written a 10-step program that will lead you by the hand and give you the exact solution to get you out of turmoil by showing you:

* The exact steps to take to fix your relationship with your alcoholic spouse.

* How to give up the Mommy or Daddy role with your alcoholic spouse so you can get back to being yourself again.

* Why your conversations with your spouse could be the reason your spouse drinks even more alcohol.

* What strategies work to put you and your spouse on equal ground again.

* Techniques to give up your obsession with your spouse’s alcoholism. You’ll feel free to enjoy your children, your friends, your work, and your life without that suffocating feeling of worry.

* The way to motivate your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife to quit drinking alcohol for good.

* The simplest, most effective ways for you to feel loved and appreciated again.

This is the most concise, step-by-step guide available on saving your marriage to your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife. There is nothing else like it on the market. Written in bullet points, it takes only an hour to read.

The program will:
1. Spoon feed you the nuts and bolts about alcoholism in very simple language so that you truly understand that your husband or wife’s alcoholism is not your fault.
2. Give you the freedom to have a “normal” life by giving you the roadmap to quit obsessing about your spouse’s alcoholism.
3. Give you the exact solutions (“plug and play” approach) to improve your marriage so that you can be emotionally and sexually intimate again with the person you love.
If you follow this system to the letter, you should start seeing results within 30 days! What’s the secret?
This system focuses on YOU, not your spouse, and will empower the worthwhile, person that you are at your core, to BREAK OUT of your hibernation. And guess what? You will feel great!

You can pick it right now for only $37.00 and have access to your new life within minutes ! Click Here to Review or Purchase the Ten Step Guide to Rescuing Your Marriage to an Alcoholic Spouse. Here are some of the testimonials Dr.Uhr has received from professionals and individuals that have read her book:

“As the owner of Solutions Outpatient Services, an Intensive Outpatient Program in Dallas, I want to thank you. Sarita, you have given me such a practical, useful, and effective system for helping my client’s through this challenging time in their lives; having to deal with an alcoholic spouse or partner. Your steps for helping identify the stages of alcoholism are incredible. Your description and explanation of what an intervention is will be a wonderful guide for me to use with families that I am preparing for an intervention. Thank you for your contribution to helping those who are affected and afflicted by this disease. Lois Jordan- Owner Solutions Outpatient Services, Dallas, Texas

“The most concise summary of addiction and the complex and ill family relationships that I have ever read. If you follow the clear steps outlined in this system, the actions will lead to true recovery for the addict, reconciliation of a broken marriage, and emotional wellness for the spouse. Dr. James Boone – La Hacienda Treatment Center, Hunt , Texas

“Dr. Uhr has compiled a simple, straight forward, no nonsense approach to helping the alcoholic quit drinking and just as importantly, solutions for the loved ones of the alcoholic to alter certain behaviors and attitudes to allow them to feel much, much better in a relatively short period of time. Concise, to the point, and practical. It’s a huge advantage that you can learn her system in the privacy of your own home. If you love someone with a drinking problem, read this immediately!. Ken Osean, MEd, LCDC, Dallas, Texas

“As the spouse of an alcoholic who is now in recovery I want to say that I think you did a great job of summarizing what took me to learn in the first ten years I was in a 12 step program for families or friends of alcoholics. I wish this book had been available to me 29 years ago when I first started attending that program. It took me just under an hour to read. When I hear the word, “book,” I usually think 10-15 hours of reading. It was very concise and easy to read. I can’t get over how accurate you are (as far as I am concerned) in your assessment of the impact that addiction has and how right on your advice is on how to deal with it.” Bill J., Spouse of a Recovering Alcoholic, Dallas, Texas
Click Here to Review or Purchase “Stop Being a Victim: A 10 Step Guide To Rescuing Your Marriage To Your Alcoholic Spouse.

Alcoholism Addiction Recovery Workbook

This workbook is based on success. If you have tried traditional treatment and still don’t understand why you can’t stop alcohol or drugs, or if you are attempting to quit for the first time, this workbook can help. It does not have to cost thousands of dollars and years of therapy to change your life! This workbook is empowering for both the person who struggles with an addiction and those who try to help.

This is not an AA, 12-step approach. AA is a great support network and has helped many, but not everyone is the same. We all have individual thoughts, dreams and goals with diferent ways of getting to them. I feel that eliminating options to “recovery” by saying only AA can work, discourages many and can often be detrimental for those who disagree with the main stream disease model approach.

There is hope! There are many who have found the secret to ridding themselves of their addiction forever. They have “recovered” and are now living the life they choose. One approach does not fit all! I have often heard that if someone struggling with alcohol or drugs does not agree with AA or their therapist that they must be “in denial”, “resistant to therapy” or “not following the program” and will soon relapse. I disagree strongly!

You do not have to be miserable, attend meetings for the rest of your life, or flounder around with an endless struggle against addiction! You already have the answer and ability to change. All that is needed is a willingness and desire for change!

My purpose in creating the workbook is to present another approach to addiction that is choice based and not disease based. It is to share my views, oppinions and experience in what I have learned in the process with the hope that it will encourage others to do the same.

I have worked as a clinical counselor in the addiction field for over 15 years and have seen the tremendous strength and determination many have used to follow their own path to “recovery”. Success in recovery is extremely possible! The ability to “recover” is already within us and this reality should not be forgotten. Keep believing! Click Here To Review or Purchase This Book.

Addiction Free Forever Program

Is alcohol or drug use badly affecting your life or someone’s life who you care about? The Addiction Free Forever Program is guaranteed to show how to permanently end an alcohol or drug problem and have a deeply fulfilling life naturally. The way to have PERMANENT freedom from alcohol and drugs requires only three things:

(1) A way to successfully (and as painlessly as possible) get through withdrawal. But first:
(2) An inner experience that is strong and consists primarily of good feelings and not bad ones
(3) A way to view life that automatically and easily creates a life and feeling of deep fulfillment, inner strength and great purpose.

The Addiction Free Forever program shows how to do all 3 of these things and guides you through the process.

And when these three things are accomplished, alcohol and drugs are experienced as too harsh and therefore aren’t desired or considered anymore. Do you or someone you know have an addiction problem? Instead of thinking of yourself as “recovering” would you like to end a problem with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction once and for all?

“Addiction Free Forever” is a proven method that just doesn’t deal with the weeds of addiction, but rather it pulls them out by the roots. Not only that, but in that process you also end up creating a great life for yourself (satisfying and inspiring). Click Here To Review or Purchase This Product.

How To Stop Drinking without AA

Beat Your Alcohol Addiction in 60 Days and Restore Your Life, without the Shame, Guilt, and Powerlessness of 12-Step Meetings! What if… an addiction recovery expert could show you how to stop drinking in 60 days, without the meetings, self-incrimination, powerlessness, shame, guilt, or making the following absurd statement: “Hi, my name is…… and I’m an alcoholic?

Of course you want to overcome your alcohol addiction. You want to overcome your alcohol addiction more than anything else, and you should! But, you just don’t know where to turn! If you’re like most, you may have tried the Twelve-Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous or various types of treatments including psychotherapy or antidepressants only to find your success temporary at best! You know that it’s unhealthy to drink destructively, but you just can’t seem to stop!

Well, that’s where I come in! You see, I’ve discovered the secrets of the root cause of alcoholism and the 5-Step process to uncover it, confront it, and overcome it in the privacy of your own home!

But, I’m also going to show you something that goes above and beyond just overcoming your alcohol addiction; how to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle that’s free from low self-esteem issues and destructive drinking! Click Here To Review or Purchase This Product.

How to Give Up Alcohol

If you have a problem with drinking, then discover how you can stop being a slave to alcohol. Finally learn how you can
* Stop the long term and potentially irreversible health damage to your liver and brain caused by heavy, excessive drinking.
* Finally beat your addiction and take control of your life – even if it seems close to impossible now.
* Stop wasting the next day after yet another binge – with headaches, nausea, and the painful embarrassment over what you did the night before.

All this in the privacy of your own home without the need to go to countless AA meetings or spend thousands of dollars on Addictions counselling.

This powerful “How to give up Alcohol course” includes the following:

1. The 145 page Give Up Alcohol course which will show you how to stop drinking or moderate my drinking painlessly and quickly
2. Bonus #1: The Hypnosis MP3 which will automatically guide you to being in control and relaxed around alcohol
3. Bonus #2: 30 Day motivational e-mail series – to help you have the strength and support to stick to your goals everyday
4. Bonus #3: Brain Fitness and Alcohol – You will learn how to reverse the damage done by your heavy drinking

Editor’s Note: The course has excellent testimonials but best of all comes with a 60 day money back guarantee – so if the course does not change your relationship with Alcohol then you can get 100% of your money back. We highly recommend this course. Once you try it, be sure to come back here and write your own review so that others can benefit from your experience.
Click Here to get further details about this powerful program.

Alcohol Freedom

If you are ready to stop drinking for good, if you wish you could just stop thinking about alcohol, if you want to stop the pain and sadness that made you drink or maybe you would like to cut down, enjoy “just one” and stop. It is possible to change the way you feel about alcohol and create a lasting commitment that will end your struggle with alcohol.

Success rates in many rehab environments are extremely low. If you are ready for an approach that is focused on your power, your strength and the strength of your values, you are in the right place. This unique approach will stop the cravings and create a solid belief that you are a non-drinker.
This is a CD program that you can use in your own home… an experience that will take you from helpless to happy… and in control of your thoughts, your habits and your emotions.

You will learn and understand why it is dangerous to affirm that you are an alcoholic for the rest of your life. You will breathe a breath of fresh air when you learn that alcoholism is not life sentence. It is an addiction. And it may not be something you are genetically predisposed to. It is possible that you will forever end the label of being an alcoholic.

Your drinking problem can be a thing of the past. You had an addiction. You are no longer an addict. How do you know this works?
Wendi Frieson, CHT, Clinical Hpnotherapist has helped thousands of people all over the world, who have failed at every attempt to stop drinking. Thousands of people, just like you who felt hopeless and had given up.

Her hypnotherapy program uses a unique and dramatic way to reprogram the addictive patterns in your subconscious mind to help you find the power that you have in their mind to conquer your internal conflict, and release the addictive patterns.
Click here to see this product and read the testimonials : Alcohol Freedom – break the addiction

Diminish Alcohol Abuse

Dimish Alcohol Abuse

If alcohol abuse is a problem for you, you are probably already aware of the side effects…

Abusing alcohol causes both physical problems such as liver damage, high blood pressure, heart trouble; and social problems such as difficulties with relationships, finances, work.

Alcohol abuse, as with all addictions, lies to you by promising escape from anxiety, relaxation, improved sleep; then in the long term steals much, much more than it gives.

And alcohol abuse is difficult to deal with simply by trying to resist it – what is needed is a real change in attitude to alcohol.

Those who are able to easily say ‘no’ to a drink have changed their relationship with alcohol so that they no longer crave what it promises. Hypnosis can be effective for escaping from the alcohol trap because it helps you make those changes ‘deep down’ to get rid of the drives that keep pushing you to drink. Using hypnosis, alochol can lose its hold over you remarkably quickly.

Download the Diminish Alcohol Abuse hypnosis session now and get a helping hand in your fight against drinking.
Guarantee Your 100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Go ahead and try out this mp3 download now – there’s NO RISK to you. If you find that it doesn’t do what you wanted, simply let us know within 90 days and we will refund you in full. No questions asked.
Price: Only $12.95
Get this download now – it’s easy. Simply click here and you’ll be led through the 3 simple steps to getting your download…

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Coming off alcohol is about becoming free, truly free.

However, because your body has become used to drinking alcohol it takes a while for your brain and body to normalize. Easing alcohol withdrawal will help you feel good quickly.

The first few days of alcohol withdrawal symptoms are usually the most intense. After that symptoms tend to subside gradually.

Withdrawal symptoms are your body’s expression of relief at no longer being intoxicated. Withdrawal is the process of your body becoming free of toxins, moving you towards health and independence.

You’ll listen to a short introduction designed to get you feeling more positive about withdrawal, and then experience a wonderfully relaxing hypnosis session that will begin to ease the process of becoming free of alcohol. Download Easing alcohol withdrawal and start feeling better now.

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