Alcoholism Hypnosis

If there ever was a magic wand, that could help you change anything about your life, your health or your behavior, then hypnosis is a proven tool that could help you achieve just that. Alcoholism hypnosis specifically helps you to a), get rid of the unconscious drivers, blocks and fears that keep urging you to drink and b), create a new inner belief to make permanent and lasting positive changes in the way you think, feel and behave.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is described as a relaxed, focused state of mind where the brain is more open to suggestion. Hypnosis produces a change in the brain wave activity, similar to that time just before sleep when the alpha state is entered. Anyone can by hypnotized and in fact we all experience hypnosis every day even though we may not even realize it. For example if you have ever been engrossed in music, a book or a movie where you lost all track of time then you were experiencing a kind of hypnotic trance. Unlike some myths floating out there about hypnosis, you are completely awake during the process and you are completely in control of everything you do both during and after the hypnosis session.

Does Hypnosis work?

The scientific evidence of Hypnotherapy’s significant benefits is nothing short of stunning.
Hypnosis has been around since the early 18th Century, and today it is widely used in many areas of therapy, health and life in general and is an accepted form of treatment within the medical establishment. For example the National Institutes of Health recently declared hypnosis effective in reducing pain from cancer and other chronic conditions.

In a 2004 study (Int J Clin Exp Hypn. 2004 Jan;52(1):73-81) hypnosis was used to help people quit smoking. Upon completion of treatment, 81% of patients reported they had stopped smoking, and 48% reported abstinence at 12 months post treatment.

Over the last 10 years, scientists have finally discovered how the brain works when addicted. Science has also discovered the brain can actually be “re-wired” even as adults, through a changing of neurons, reorganizing their networks and functions through new experiences; neuroplasticity. So good alcoholism hypnosis works to stop the addictive patterns in your subconscious, release your internal conflicts, and create new neural connections. It helps you get rid of the drives that keep pushing you to drink and encourages you to form a new image of yourself as a non drinker.

Alcoholism hypnosis has helps thousands of people cure their addition, in many cases remarkably quickly. If you have tried alcohol hypnosis, then please add your comments below to help others benefit from your experience.

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