If you are ready to stop drinking for good, if you wish you could just stop thinking about alcohol, if you want to stop the pain and sadness that made you drink or maybe you would like to cut down, enjoy “just one” and stop. It is possible to change the way you feel about alcohol and create a lasting commitment that will end your struggle with alcohol.

Success rates in many rehab environments are extremely low. If you are ready for an approach that is focused on your power, your strength and the strength of your values, you are in the right place. This unique approach will stop the cravings and create a solid belief that you are a non-drinker.
This is a CD program that you can use in your own home… an experience that will take you from helpless to happy… and in control of your thoughts, your habits and your emotions.

You will learn and understand why it is dangerous to affirm that you are an alcoholic for the rest of your life. You will breathe a breath of fresh air when you learn that alcoholism is not life sentence. It is an addiction. And it may not be something you are genetically predisposed to. It is possible that you will forever end the label of being an alcoholic.

Your drinking problem can be a thing of the past. You had an addiction. You are no longer an addict. How do you know this works?
Wendi Frieson, CHT, Clinical Hpnotherapist has helped thousands of people all over the world, who have failed at every attempt to stop drinking. Thousands of people, just like you who felt hopeless and had given up.

Her hypnotherapy program uses a unique and dramatic way to reprogram the addictive patterns in your subconscious mind to help you find the power that you have in their mind to conquer your internal conflict, and release the addictive patterns.
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