For Every Woman and Man Married to An Alcoholic Spouse:

Find Out How To Save Your Marriage And Start A Better, Happier Life. This 10-step guide will help you save your marriage—even if you’ve never had a minute of therapy or any understanding of addiction whatsoever. This short, easy-to-read system is based on on Dr Uhr’s 21 years of experience as a Stanford-trained psychiatrist treating spouses just like you. You CAN turn your life around.

Dr Uhr has written a 10-step program that will lead you by the hand and give you the exact solution to get you out of turmoil by showing you:

* The exact steps to take to fix your relationship with your alcoholic spouse.

* How to give up the Mommy or Daddy role with your alcoholic spouse so you can get back to being yourself again.

* Why your conversations with your spouse could be the reason your spouse drinks even more alcohol.

* What strategies work to put you and your spouse on equal ground again.

* Techniques to give up your obsession with your spouse’s alcoholism. You’ll feel free to enjoy your children, your friends, your work, and your life without that suffocating feeling of worry.

* The way to motivate your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife to quit drinking alcohol for good.

* The simplest, most effective ways for you to feel loved and appreciated again.

This is the most concise, step-by-step guide available on saving your marriage to your alcoholic husband or alcoholic wife. There is nothing else like it on the market. Written in bullet points, it takes only an hour to read.

The program will:
1. Spoon feed you the nuts and bolts about alcoholism in very simple language so that you truly understand that your husband or wife’s alcoholism is not your fault.
2. Give you the freedom to have a “normal” life by giving you the roadmap to quit obsessing about your spouse’s alcoholism.
3. Give you the exact solutions (“plug and play” approach) to improve your marriage so that you can be emotionally and sexually intimate again with the person you love.
If you follow this system to the letter, you should start seeing results within 30 days! What’s the secret?
This system focuses on YOU, not your spouse, and will empower the worthwhile, person that you are at your core, to BREAK OUT of your hibernation. And guess what? You will feel great!

You can pick it right now for only $37.00 and have access to your new life within minutes ! Click Here to Review or Purchase the Ten Step Guide to Rescuing Your Marriage to an Alcoholic Spouse. Here are some of the testimonials Dr.Uhr has received from professionals and individuals that have read her book:

“As the owner of Solutions Outpatient Services, an Intensive Outpatient Program in Dallas, I want to thank you. Sarita, you have given me such a practical, useful, and effective system for helping my client’s through this challenging time in their lives; having to deal with an alcoholic spouse or partner. Your steps for helping identify the stages of alcoholism are incredible. Your description and explanation of what an intervention is will be a wonderful guide for me to use with families that I am preparing for an intervention. Thank you for your contribution to helping those who are affected and afflicted by this disease. Lois Jordan- Owner Solutions Outpatient Services, Dallas, Texas

“The most concise summary of addiction and the complex and ill family relationships that I have ever read. If you follow the clear steps outlined in this system, the actions will lead to true recovery for the addict, reconciliation of a broken marriage, and emotional wellness for the spouse. Dr. James Boone – La Hacienda Treatment Center, Hunt , Texas

“Dr. Uhr has compiled a simple, straight forward, no nonsense approach to helping the alcoholic quit drinking and just as importantly, solutions for the loved ones of the alcoholic to alter certain behaviors and attitudes to allow them to feel much, much better in a relatively short period of time. Concise, to the point, and practical. It’s a huge advantage that you can learn her system in the privacy of your own home. If you love someone with a drinking problem, read this immediately!. Ken Osean, MEd, LCDC, Dallas, Texas

“As the spouse of an alcoholic who is now in recovery I want to say that I think you did a great job of summarizing what took me to learn in the first ten years I was in a 12 step program for families or friends of alcoholics. I wish this book had been available to me 29 years ago when I first started attending that program. It took me just under an hour to read. When I hear the word, “book,” I usually think 10-15 hours of reading. It was very concise and easy to read. I can’t get over how accurate you are (as far as I am concerned) in your assessment of the impact that addiction has and how right on your advice is on how to deal with it.” Bill J., Spouse of a Recovering Alcoholic, Dallas, Texas
Click Here to Review or Purchase “Stop Being a Victim: A 10 Step Guide To Rescuing Your Marriage To Your Alcoholic Spouse.

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